Study visit to Czech Republic was carried out, to explore supported decision making model in the Czech Republic

Representatives of the NGO “Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities “ZELDA”” from 3 – 6 February visited Czech Republic to exchange experience with project partners QUIP. RC ZELDA got acquainted with pilot project of QUIP and other projects on supported decision making that are carried out in Czech Republic.

Since September 2014 RC ZELDA carries out project “Pilot Project for Introduction of Supported Decision-Making in Latvia”. This project is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism Grants 2009 – 2014 programme “NGO fund” sub-programme “NGO Project Measure”. In result of the Project it is planned to introduce new mechanism – supported decision-making that would be an alternative mechanism to the legal capacity restriction and could provide protection of rights and interests of the persons with mental disabilities. During the project conception of the supported decision-making and proposals for law amendments will be developed, as well as experts on supported decision making will be prepared and assistance in decision making will be provided to 28 persons with mental disabilities and consultative support to 55 relatives-providers of support. Support to person with mental disabilities will be provided in five areas: legal, financial, acquirement of daily care and skills, health issue (till the doctors’ office doors) areas and the development of support circle. Person centred thinking and planning methods will be used when providing supported decision making service. These methods will be used during preparation of individual support plan and providing support services. Provision of support person service to the target group of the project will be started from February 2015.

International partner of the RC ZELDA – Czech NGO QUIP ( in cooperation with Inclusion Czech Republic implements similar pilot project in their country already for more than three years, where regulation on supported decision making has been in force since January 2014. In QUIP pilot project new supported decision making method is being developed and tested – creation of support circle, at the base of which is confidence that the essence of making of supported decisions is creation of natural, long-term and trustful relationships. QUIP like RC ZELDA has chosen to use person centred thinking and planning as the main method providing support that would help to determine needs, aims and possibilities as well as helps to plan different support services that are necessary to the person.

The aim of the study visit was to get acquainted with different practical aspects of the QUIP pilot project on supported decision making as well as with opinion of the partners on normative regulation of the Czech Republic in relation to legal capacity institute particularly regulation that is related to supported decision making. During the study visit RC ZELDA got acquainted also with pilot project carried out by other NGOs of the Czech Republic – specifically pilot project carried out by the INSTAND and the League of Human Rights on support models for persons with mental disabilities. On 5 February representatives of RC ZELDA participated in conference organised by the INSTAND and the League for Human Rights “Guardianship and its alternatives” that took place in Karlovy Vary.

Cooperation with project partner QUIP will be continued, involving partner in consultation process on supported decision making conception prepared by the RC ZELDA.

Project is financially supported by Island, Lichtenstein and Norway.

Programme is funded by the financial instruments of the European Economic Area and the Republic of Latvia.

Study visit was co-financed by the Open Society Foundations.


Information prepared by:

Director of the RC „ZELDA” Ieva Leimane-Veldmeijere, [email protected], phone: +371 67442828

Riga, 09-02-2015

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