About us

The association “Resource Centre for People with Mental Disability “ZELDA”” was founded on 1 April, 2007 and registered at the company register with number 40008114387. The organisation was founded on the basis of the Mental Disability Advocacy Program (MDAP) of Latvian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR). Since June 2007 the MDAP has been discontinued and all the former mental disability advocacy activities of LCHR have been taken over by the Resource Centre for People with Mental Disability “ZELDA”.

The main activities of the  Resource Centre “ZELDA” are:

  • Conducting research and policy analyses and providing expert opinions on the issues of mental disabilities;
  • Capacity building: organizing of training seminars and educative events for mental health care professionals, NGOs, media, users of mental health care services and other target groups;
  • Public awareness raising in the areas of ZELDA’s work;
  • The establishment of informative resource centre in the field of mental disabilities;
  • The development and maintaining of international contacts for information, research, and exchange of experience in the field of mental disabilities;
  • Providing legal aid for people with mental disabilities, representation in Court;

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