A new staff researcher Georgiana Gheorghe (Romania) has joined RC “ZELDA”

Resource Centre “ZELDA” was one of the region’s human rights and advocacy organizations where recent graduates of Masters and LL.M. programs in the social sciences, law, and humanities in the frame­work of the Internship Initiative of the Open Society Institute, Human Rights and Governance Grants Program could apply for internship.

Since January 2010 Georgiana Gheorghe (Romania) has joined  RC “ZELDA”‘s team. Georgiana graduated from Bucharest University, Faculty of Political Science in 2006. She has been work­ing for the Romanian Helsinki Committee (APADOR-CH) until August 2008, dealing mainly with the development and implementation of projects related to transparency of adminis­tration, freedom of religion and rights of people deprived of liberty.

In June 2009 she completed an M.A in International Human Rights Law at the Legal Studies Department of Central European University.Her work at ZELDA consists primarily in research related to legal capacity, peer-advocacy and the right to live in the community of people with mental disabilities in the light of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

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